It was a year ago when me and my friends visited a beach at Laiya, San Juan Batangas. A planned out-of-town getaway to embrace the heat of summer.

The place obviously perfect for everybody. As soon as we arrived at the place, it seemed that the beach was calling us. And that was 10 am! What a wonderful time to start swimming, right?

We prepared our foods, cooked some of them, looked for water as we have forgotten to bring. Funny, we also have thought of drinking the water from the beach.  

Beach at Laiya San Juan Batangas

When we decided to swim, everything was so lined up. Me and my friends gather on our chosen place on the water, played with our partners, took photos as our memories and looked for stones. We even swim with the fishes that comes closer too the shore.

And as we enjoyed this trip, we also can taste the salty water that lingers on our lips. We were absolutely having fun on this spare time of ours. A single day at Batangas that we shouldn't be wasting.

Island beach Laiya San Juan Batangas Philippines

Then we decided to take on to some adventures. We hired a boat to take us in the middle of the ocean to do snorkeling. Man, that was the happiest and funny part of the trip. I threw up in the middle of the ocean, only to realized that we caught a lot of fishes' attention. They all came to the water near us as they eat all the foods I had to throw. 

Underwater was a scenic mob. Those corals were beautiful, those fishes were magnificent. It feels like we hated to leave the sea but we need to. 

Way to snorkeling adventure

The best feeling on this trip was knowing that you friends came with you to share special bonding, and to see the beach with that special person and your hands are intertwined. Travelling is fun, specially when you have the group of special people that shares your interest with. Specially when you have someone to be with you along the road.

:) See you on our next trip. 

Yo! Here I am on my new home. The Secret Wanderer's Blog. :) 

I am a blogger and learning about traveling is my new forte. Anyway, I've always wanted to go to different places, it's just that my time was never seem to be enough. It feels like I can't go anywhere because I am not allowed to.

The places that I've been to, some of them were secrets. The time, the locations, the people whom I was with - all of them are forbidden.

So, please forgive me if this page is having a complete stranger writer. Sometimes, we have to do things that will make us who we are and make us braver. 

Please follow me as I travel the world, or moreover my country first - the Philippines. 

Whether you can relate with me or not, come and join me to my little secret. :)